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Originally Posted by slinkeey View Post
Thank You Sir!

That worked..

I just added:
route add -net netmask dev tun0

This is the only part of the network I care about... (AS400 and My Desktop are ont his network..)

It added an entry with as the gateway....

I am suprised it wouldn't work before this as netmask was added to my routing table by OpenVNC but the difference was th was pointing to OpenVNCs IP as the gateway..

Unless drilling down to 10.20 makes darn sure that my own network between the BB and myself doesn't try routing it on it's own..

Awesome! Glad it worked. is the default route and should always be there. It is dynamic based on how your computer is connected to the Internet at the time.

The reason that the entry did work is that with that network mask it was including both the and traffic in that route. By default, computers try to summarize routes as much as possible, and this is normally seen as best practice in networking, but in some cases such as yours this can cause problems.
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