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Originally Posted by Nightsmoker View Post
Only four days have past since I got a Blackberry Curve 8520.
Now I'm having regrets... But not sure if I should have these regrets.

The Blackberry Curve 8520, is (as I understand) a much more basic model of Blackberrys.
It lacks features such as GPS and there are some other disadvantages, such as the camera, being only a 2mp and without a flash.

I was also reading somewhere, that the Blackberry 8520 has old software.

The Blackberry 8900 seems to be a better phone.

Although, unfortunatley for me... The shop where I got my contract (Jag) has a very limited selection of Blackberry models...

So I have the choice, I can keep my Curve 8520... or exchange it for an 8900.

I am debating it... The 8900 seems to be pretty much dated now?
It has a scroll-ball type cursor.

Yet it has GPS (which the 8520 doesn't have) and a better camera.

Although... The main thing that goes in the 8520's favour, is the touch-sensitive track-pad... and that it's a little more newer.

Can someone guide me with my choice.

Would I be stupid, for exchanging the 8520, for an older model... an 8900 (now discotinued) but seems to be better???

Please... please... could someone assist me?

Many Thanks
I am about to contradict myself from your other thread so I am prepared to take the heat for this from you. These two phones by their descriptive info are acknowledged to be of different quality than the 9xxx models. I wrote an article once explaining the politics behind the 8520.
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