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I just got an iphone 3gs as a present and have been using it for a month. Before that I was using a Blackberry 8330 Curve. I won't get into the whole "bb is for work and the iphone is a toy" debate since I believe different strokes for different folks. I will also stay out of the "security" issue since again that is a topic that has been debated profusely. Here are some of my impressions pros and cons:



1. Battery Life...cannot be beat by iphone any which way you use it, the BB will come out on top regardless of your settings on the iphone. My iphone lasts a day with normal usage (much better the the toted 8-10 hours it is said to have) but my BB used to last days. If you want a user changable battery, BB is also the only way to go

2. BBM: If you have a lot of friends with BB, this piece of software is great and can save fortunes in text

3. Calendar desplayed on home screen: I love this. It is nice that with a quick glance you can see upcoming appointments, be notified of the same. It is something really simple and inspite of everybody saying "there is an app for that" I have yet to find anything that remotely works as well for me for the iphone

4. Video light and camera flash: If you use this feature on the BB, the light and flash is awesome to have. It is missing on the iphone

5. Size: My BB is smaller and lighter then my iphone. This is a pro and con since a big con for me on the iphone is the size of the screen

6. Robustness: Not even really sure how to quantify this but I run a lot and do a lot of on call. I took my blackberry out everywhere rain sleet snow. It has fallen off the holster on the treadmill and been flung into the wall behind it. Year and a half later, it only has a chip gone from one of the top corners. Maybe my iphone will be the same but I really doubt it.



1. Ability to sync flawlessly with everything else I have. I own all mac hardware...macbook, ipad, ipod, itouch, mobileme. Iphone syched flawlessly with it all. While I was able to achieve a synch with my BB it did not play nice with everything...or everything did not play nice with it. This was the main selling point for me.

2. The screen: again a pro and con. Screen is much bigger then my curve meaning easier to read almost anything from webpages to maps to whatever...unfortunately it also means a bigger device. I could comfortably carry my BB in my backpocket, the iphone not so much. However larger screen means better experience in web browsing, maps, photos, utube etc.

3. Apps: yes there is an app for almost anything...(except the calendar thing which I explained above) and it is too bad the BB really cannot compete with this. Find iphone is fantastic as are VLC and VNC.

4. Browser: BB broswer while doing the trick is outdated. It is time for BB to update it. If webbrowsing is something important to you, go for the iphone.

5. Wifi: iphone has it, my curve did not. I like having the option there to use it. However, there are many BB with wifi.

6. My iphone doubles as my music player, my computer, tv etc. It does these things IMO better then my BB.

Areas that are draws for me:

1. Tactile keyboard vs Virtual: When I first picked up the iphone and started using the kb, I said "no way will I get used to this". Then I remembered the first time I used the BB kb I felt the same. After a month of using the iphone, I can take it or leave it. U do get used to the virtual kb and I find I type almost as fast and accurately with the iphone as I did with the BB.

2. Push: I have mobileme and hotmail set up on my iphone. Have not noticed any difference between BB and the iphone in that regard.

3. Storage: I have an 8 gig iphone, I have a 1 gig card in my BB. You can increase the size of your card in your BB. For me it was a pain transferring things onto and off of my BB (I liked taking the card out, putting it in a card reader and getting the info that way as opposed to right off the phone)...however the card door is flimsy. THe iphone uses itunes for everything. So in this case, for me it is a tie.

the actual phone: I know the 4G is said to have a lot of dropped calls and such but I have had no problems with my 3GS. The BB phone is one of the best I have owned for reception and clarity.

So as many have said before on this is all about what you want and what features are important to you. I think they are both solid products
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