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Unhappy I tried the Droid X, now back to my Curve (for now)

Here's my two cents' worth...

I've been using RIM devices since '99. My first was the RIM 850 on the ARDIS network, then the 950 on Bell South, and on and on. I've been using my Curve 8330 for two years +.

Last week, I ordered the Droid X, just to try out. I played with it for about four days before deciding to return it and resume using my Curve (for the time being).

Although the Droid X is utterly amazing, and just plain blows any Blackberry out of the water in many ways too numerous to list here, it did lack in several key aspects that I find absolutely essential in a handheld device.

1. Battery life doesn't cut it. (I'd recommend an extended capacity battery for sure)

2. Screen glare in sunlight conditions.

3. Touchscreen typing (even with Swype) is tediously difficult, especially if you're not sitting or standing still.

4. I couldn't find a master setting to adjust the font size for email/text message/Twitter/IM, etc. Yea, you can expand the "size" of a webpage and certain other apps, but a standard default font size feature was missing. It's hard to read messages in tiny 9 point font when you're driving (not that I'd recommend or do that myself - cough cough).

These were issues that caused me enough concern, from a safety and efficiency perspective, to give a thumbs down to the Droid X, at least for now. In fairness, there are countless gazillions of apps, and who knows, I'd bet there are some that might provide a solution to my quirky concerns.

Another drawback to the Droid X (I won't include this in my list of concerns above) was the loss of sleep it was causing. I found myself staying up late, WAY beyond my bedtime, just fiddling around and playing with all the slick features, downloading and installing various apps (which takes mere seconds, unlike the BB), rearranging the widgets on the seven different homescreens, etc.

So, I'll perhaps get another Droid X, or wait to see what device comes next in the Droid line. But for now...
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