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Originally Posted by driedwater View Post
I want to get either a Bold 9650 or a Curve 8530. I already know that a 9650 has twice the memory. They both have 3G. Is that correct? My question is if I tether it with a laptop will there be significant speed differences of the Internet connection? I plan to use as personal use. I did like the how the keyboard stuck out more on the 8530. When I tried the tour 9630 a few months ago at the retailer I thought I really liked the keyboard but it seems I didn't like it as much on the newer 9650. Also I have read that OS 6 may only be able to be upgraded on the 9650. Will there be anything much better for OS 6? The biggest thing holding me from getting the 9650 in a heart beat is the keyboard seem hard for me to type.

Any input would be appreciated.

Having own the Pearl 8130, Curve, Tour v1 and Storm I can say this... get the 9650.

The 8530 is just junk. The wifi even though it's connected, has ip address, etc, doesn't seemed to get used. I've got an iPhone 3GS next to it and the browsing and download speeds are night and day different. So the 8530 even though connected to the wifi router, still uses the 3G.

Next, this is the worst of the blackberrys I've owned, less the Storm (it was big, clunky and just a trainwreck.

The keyboard on the 8530 stinks, the layout is nice, as with all BB's but the keys are not easily pressed, making it a chore to reply to emails. The 8330 was far better, but the first Tour was by far the best I'd used to date on any physical qwerty keyboard. I'd have kept it, but needed wifi (which didn't really work out anyhow). Once you play with the 9650 keyboard (same as the old tour) you'll fall in love with it. Just give it a few days. The 8530 has a chicklet (sp?) feel to it, very plastic like and just isn't pleasant to type on, the tour1 and the new tour 9650 are smooth and depress with ease and I can type 2x faster.

The reception is worse then the 8330 and Pearl. I live in a spotty area to start with, so RF is important to me. In the same places the other phones made and received calls, the 8530 doesn't or if it does, it'll drop at some point. The 9650 (had it a few days now) has excellent RF, and has no problems in the problem areas I noted above.

The only short coming of the BB line is the browser (no one does email better, period). It really stinks. It's functional in jam, but you won't find yourself playing with it, l like I do quite frequently on my iPhone (which has the best browser imo, but has it's own limitations -- especially in email, where the BB just does it a lot better. However, OS6 is supposedly coming with a new browser on par (or close) to the androids and iphone and will be upgradable - the 8530 won't (not enough base memory).

Build quality isn't even comparable -- the 8330 (curve 1) felt well built, the 9650 blows both away. it feels like a quality phone. The 8530 Curve 2 feels like plastic junk - which it is.

Anyhow, don't even bother looking at the 8530 curve 2. Just get the 9650 -- plus Verizon (didn't see what carrier you're one) has BOGO going one.. buy one get one free.

Blackberry has some new offerings coming out in the next 6-12 months, but nothing worth waiting for. The only other phone I'd get would be the Droid/X or Droid Incredible. However, they are completely different devices (and both are excellent phones, I've got a Incredible as well -- mostly to play around with like I do the iPhone 3gs (which is getting returned, nice phone, but AT&T stinks.

However, if you really want the 8530, I've got one for sale in mint condition (literally used 1 week and has the plastic still on it). Verizon sent it to me to replace my original after I complained in general. I'll make you a good deal and you won't be stuck in a contract... ;) PM me if interested.
I've also got a mint Curve 8330 and 8130 as well...

Anyhow, since I live on these devices for work (multiple phones because I've got 3 companies). Those are my two cents on the issue. To many, the 8530 is a great phone -- and it is, but to me, the 9650 is better.

Hope this helps.


edit: noticed you may be on t-mobile... if i were you, I'd get off it. Network stinks and is in the middle of growing pains at the moment. VZW is the hands down best carrier out there and I've used all of them, t-mobile included.

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