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My 2 cents.

It depends on what your looking for.

Are you looking for a phone with absolute rock solid secure calls, data and text,
then the Blackberry is for you. If its secure enough for the President of
the United States, I'm sure its secure enough for me too.

In fact its so secure, the middle east is going to ban Blackberrys because
they cant snoop on them and see what people in their country are shareing
or talking about.

And with just about everyone putting every possible bit of personal
information on their phones, I deffinetly want mine as secure as possible.

Anything else is a toy IMO. If you really need a big fat screen and HDMI, and
1.2g cpu, and thousands of apps (some good, some a waste of time), then
you probably want to look at something else or get a laptop.

Now in the news, iPhone has a new threat, they are totaly hackable!
D'uh! It was never desigend to be a secure device for communication.
Its an iPod that has been modified to make phone calls.

It boils down to if you like what Blackberry is offering, fine.
If you don't, thats fine too.

Its free world, its your choice.
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