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Originally Posted by therayban View Post
Several month's ago I talked about how I hated my BB Bold 9000 it was an expensive phone cost and it had very little memory.

RIM set it up that the OS, Email, Messages, Apps and more all MUST go into one little space. Everyone and I mean everyone complains about memory problems and having to do battery pulls. Yeah, real high tech!

Long before the Bold 9000 came out other cheaper phones had larger memory than what RIM put into this expensive phone. Poor planning and I am sure the less you put in the phone, the more money you make.

I was attacked for stating the facts, but now it looks like even the experts are talking about how RIM is going to lose it market share because of memory, display screens, processor speed and etc.

I have never been so disappointed by a phone in my life. You cannot contact RIM, as they do not speak or communicate with their customers. They are not loyal to the customer, so why should the customer be loyal to them?

They put a 1GB of memory in this phone, but again, 128MB of that 1GB is where everything but pictures, video and voice notes goes.

Real shame and as soon as my contract is up I am switching and not going to look back!
I think you're an anomaly. I have never had memory problems on any of my 40 BlackBerry devices and I am a fairly heavy user. I pull my battery maybe once a month or when I land in a new country to help facilitate the changes to the network list on the SIM and the HRT for BB registration. Most memory problems are caused by generally useless third-party apps, and to be honest I haven't found anything that I need to do on my device that can't be done with apps developed by RIM. The only third-party items I have on my device are my bank's app (which is a web app) and an extremely lightweight real-time currency converter.
I h8 txtspk.
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