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Default Virus?

Originally Posted by eva_madison View Post
Hi All,

I know my blackberry "can't" get a virus or anything but listen to what's happening because I am convinced mine has one and do not know what to do about it. A lot of you are probably also smart computer people too so if there is another explanation I am open to it.

Two weeks ago my email account started mass mailing a virus/malware/spam whatever you want to call it to everyone in my contact list (some bounced back and returned to my email which I got on my blackberry and alerted me to the problem). I immediately ran a virus check, and many adware and spyware programs on my computer, they all turned up negative. Twelve hours after emailing itself out it changed my password to my email account. I have the account link to an alternative email, so I was able to regain access.

I did this on a separate computer and never entered the info on my laptop. I changed the password on my blackberry to relink to the account. Within 24 hours the same thing happened again. I freaked my computer was clean and could not figure out how this happened. Again I repeated the same process but entered the new info on a computer outside my home and our network. I continued to run and find new scans they all showed no problems. The password and mass emailing happened again. My father suggested that maybe it was my BB and I told him he was crazy. I repeated the process to regain my account but did not enter the info on the BB. I waited a week and nothing happened. I thought maybe it was a problem through Hotmail so I relinked the account with my blackberry. Within 24 hours the thing had massed emailed itself and changed my password again. Again all computer scans were still negative, even though I had never logged into my email on the computer during this whole time that was linked to my network, I avoided both home and work computers.

I got the account back and waited four days to link it with my BB, again within 24 hours the same thing happened. I was convinced this was a coincidence so I tried it once more and waited four days- nothing happened, but within 24 hours of being relinked with the BB it was taken again.

I have the account back, again...and its been fine for the last two days but if I relink it I know it'll be stolen again. I am changing both the secret question and password to something new each time. I have zero problems until I enter the new password in BB to have access to the account on my phone. It HAS to be the BB I just don't know how it is possible, what to do about it or why the virus is not changing my alternate email were it is changing my password.

Help? Advice? I tried searching the internet and have come up with nothing and I have done battery pulls in between here hoping that would help. I feel like I am going crazy and am hoping there is logical solution here but I've tested it and every time withing 24 hours of the password being entered on my BB the process repeats. Thoughts?

Yesterday a similar thing happened to me. I was using the Blackberry away from home. My PC was turned off and unplugged. I opened an email and almost immediately was was getting messages bounced back to me as if I had forwarded the prior email to all my contacts in MSN. I also received emails on another email telling me people were getting my email even though I had not sent it. I happened for about 30 minutes, then stopped. Some limited activity later and then nothing. I removed my hotmail account from the Blackberry.

I scanned the PC using McAfee which found nothing. The returned emails were in the Deleted Folder in Hotmail.

Is there a way to scan the Blackberry if connected to the PC?
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