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Really I was just at a block party in Massapequa and we were comparing phones. Mine and a I phone 3 & 4. Both on at&t and the incredible on Verizon. We all went to the same web sites. Some wap some regular.
The first thing we realized I was jumping from 3 bars to 2 & sometimes 4. The I-phone 4 same but strayed at 2 bars more then me. The iphone 3 to our surprise strayed at 3, and jumped to 4. The incredible on verizon stayed at the full amount on his signal status.
Now browsing mine beat the I-phone, but the incredible beat me by a couple of seconds on non wap sites and I kept up with it on wap sites. I really think it was signal strength.
Then we sent messages to each other and pictures. When they came mine loaded way faster then all there. Plus they typed and I talked. Except for a couple of words they were impressed at how accurate it was. They beat me texting even me using swype. Still that's me cause I suck even on a regular board.
We also did U-tube and I kind of beat the incredible but the I-phone 4 had me and the 3 wasn't to far behind. Again I think it is due to signal strength.
Verizon has at&t beat in coverage and connectivity yet I am glad this phone works downtown NY. My bold was for crap in allot of areas in NY, PA and NC. We also opened files took pictures and mine beat all of them in quality. Even without a flash.
Now battery life the incredible went down just a little more then mine, but forget about the I-phones. They suck and the 4 still has the problem hold it a certain way and it dropped calls. We didn't compare it, she just got a call while there.
All I know is I have had this for 4 days and playing with it, I'm getting much better. I'm still having problems touching the screen in places and having things open or close. Also I'm having problems with the way I touch the back or search button. I have too touch it a certain way for it to work and it is frustrating.
The biggest problem was GPS it sucks in GPS mode and in wireless location it works but no where near the incredible and the both I-phones had me beat. I hope they fix it and amaze gets software set up for this phone.
I will stick with this or wait till my 30 days are almost up and decide if I should even try a torch. I don't think I would trade for a I-phone. Also I don't trust the quality of BB after going through 3 pearls and 3 Bold's in less then 2 years. I also don't think the screen on the torch is going to be has big and I realize I don't need a qwerty board at all.
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