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Originally Posted by guinda35 View Post
If you want a bigger screen I'd suggest an iPad. If you want a bigger screen that you can put into your hip pocket, try the iPod touch. They're both portable, the iPad runs on 3G for less than $25 a month, you get all the fun apps made for Apple, plus everything in an iPhone except for the camera and phone, and of course the line charge of an Android or other device.

If you want to work, stay in touch, or get informed, I run with the 9700 as my primary device to do all my important stuff -- securely.
I thought it was clear, in context, that I'd like a bigger screen on my phone. I'm aware that there are other devices with bigger screens. Moreover, there's an implication here that wanting a bigger screen is somehow not linked to work, staying in touch, or getting informed.

So let me try to clarify matters. I have a BB 8900. I use it for a lot of things, including email, writing extensive notes while away from the office, web browsing various forums, and so on. I also use the Kindle app fairly regularly. I'd have a better experience doing all these things if the screen were somewhat larger. I don't need a huge screen. But all things considered, I'd appreciate a bigger screen. The screen on my 8900 is the same size and resolution as the one on the 9700.

I use Upvise for writing out various drafts of things, so that I can later retrieve them from cloud and edit and format on a PC. It works fine, but again, the experience would be better with a bigger screen. The same point goes for the Kindle app.

At the moment, the only BBs with a larger screen are the Storm and Torch, neither of which is available on T-mobile. So I have to weigh several things. Is it worth it to me to pay a $200 cancellation fee to get a Torch on ATT? If not, is it worth it to me to abandon BB altogether and move to an Android device (with bigger screen) on T-Mobile (both Upvise and Kindle are available on Android, as well as most of the other apps that I use)?

I don't use BBM (don't know anyone else who uses it), so that's not a consideration at this time.

I haven't worked out the answers to these questions yet, but I'm sure that an iPad or iPod is not the solution.

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