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Originally Posted by Berry_Black View Post
I have had them all, the 9000, the 9700, Storm 2 and now the 9800
Beside the bigger screen compared to the 9000 the resolution aint better. The screen is good, movies look great but beside bigger not much better.
Sound is great... volume is good. Absolute the same or better then the 9000. Typing is a different story, I found out that most of the times I do not open the slider but only use the screen keyboard. Only when I have to type a long mail I use the slider keyboard.

Overall, I am very happy with this new model. It looks sexy, it works smooth. The 6.0 software is really amazing good!

So, the 9000 is a good phone... but the fun factor for this 9800 is really high. And beside the fun it is still a good quality phone!

Hope this helps you to choose ...
Thanks for your input. I actually might end up getting the device. I was blown away by the 9000 when I was looking to upgrade from my last WinMo device 3 years ago. From all that I was reading from REAL PEOPLE, that ACTUALLY use the device for it's use and not a "mine is bigger" contest, I finally went and tested one out. It's a long "review" of my first impressions hand on, in another thread.

Originally Posted by darkamikaze View Post
Ancient? -sigh- Where is there a point when it all depends on what a person is looking for :/ I don't get why people come in the forums bashing a phone when different phones offer different services. It all boils down to what you want to do with your phone. Clearly, this thread was about 9800 screen v. 9000.. (see what I did there with the dots) so I personally don't see a point in what you're saying especially when you call someone a "fanboy" in the BLACKBERRY FORUMS.
Thank you! I could understand if I asked this over on Howard Forums, and I got this answer, that's and overall open forum for wireless and it's related gadgets. But seriously? On a BlackBerry forum?

Originally Posted by VRaptor View Post
Where do these people come from? If I didn't like something I wouldn't waste my time signing up for a forum. life's too short.
I think some people are just trying to compensate for something missing or lacking in their real lives, that they need to come to an internet forum to seek attention by trying to speak down on or to other people, since they can hide behind a keyboard & mouse.
Do they still make encyclopedias?

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