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Originally Posted by Milster View Post

My work has just given me a new BB Bold 9700!

For some reason after a day of use my owner information has disappeared. The fields are blank when you go to options > owner. They were there before but not now. The device is on a BES so I rang our comms people. They said they entered my info at their end and if it does not come across automatically that I should reboot. I had to reboot and still no info. The area is locked down so I can't edit the info myself. The only thing I did that could have influenced this is installing BuzzBerry. I do have a number of errors in my event log but I have no idea how to interpret them.

Is there any harm in performing another Enterprise activation (withOUT doing a system wipe) to see if that forces the info through.

Any ideas anyone?

I have this issue to on our Bold 9000s.

Ive tracked it down to the new version 5 firmware.
Our Bold 9000s that still have v4.6 firmware do not have this issue - as soon as they are upgraded to v5.0 firmware - the owner information seems to get wiped everytime there is a policy update.

Havent figured out how to fix this yet tho ...

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