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Originally Posted by penguin3107 View Post
Sandy... even if you guarantee that you have a fully encrypted session between your mail client and you mail server (whether it be a handheld or a computer), it still doesn't matter because you have positively no control over the sender's mail setup.

If the sender is delivering mail to you in clear text, which is going to be the case in an extremely high percentage of instances, then it doesn't make one bit of difference what your end is set up to do. Your end-to-end security has already failed.

Stop acting like RIM's BIS model is unsafe, full of holes, and insecure. You're just spreading FUD which you apparently wasted 4 hours and $50 on.
Give it a rest.
Theh user has more control than you are giving them credit for...

When the bank/credit card company sends me info I would prefer that coming in on an SSL enabled port. And I don't write the bank back... but that doesn't mean I want someone reading that email...

I believe the BIS is not safe - not compared to other smartphones. Are other parts of the BB OS safer than other smartphones - yes. But the email for the BIS is not.

I am not spreading anything that is not fact based on the ports described in the inital post. And it's not for you to tell me what I wasted my time and money on. If you don't want to read this walk away... Don't tell me when to "Give it a rest." That isn't for you to decide.

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