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Originally Posted by The Sand View Post
Hotmail gives a "secure sign in" with https: (you have to select it) as you mentioned above. Gmail (if enabled - it is in settings) gives you security while "on" the website... the entire time you are there you are on https: That can also be enabled from their Gmail app on the BB. Hotmail only gives you the sign in - Yahoo gives you nothing. But Gmail is good here... now is it the kind of security/encryption PGP and the like offer - No, but it certainly help.
The https keep peeps from "snooping" while you are looking at your mail...

Actually Yahoo has changed that - I just checked - they now also have SSL for sign in...

You can call me ignorant for this.. But I fail to see the point of getting worked up over this, yes it is disappointing. (And believe me I am)

If security is implemented, it should be implemented end to end. SSL is a good start but without the rest really what's the point.

And until I can sniff packets off the CDMA network or a Wi-Fi network and see my BIS information being sent in clear text I will not sweat over this.

(I would also like to keep mind I control what Wi-Fi networks my BlackBerry connects)
8830 -> 8330 -> 9550 -> 9650
Just think about how far BlackBerries have come from then till now... And what else is coming.

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