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Originally Posted by SteveO86 View Post
You can call me ignorant for this.. But I fail to see the point of getting worked up over this, yes it is disappointing. (And believe me I am)

If security is implemented, it should be implemented end to end. SSL is a good start but without the rest really what's the point.

And until I can sniff packets off the CDMA network or a Wi-Fi network and see my BIS information being sent in clear text I will not sweat over this.

(I would also like to keep mind I control what Wi-Fi networks my BlackBerry connects)
I read your signature...

"Just think about how far BlackBerries have come from then till now... And what else is coming"

And that is so true... In the email BIS area I am hoping to get BB to the "what else is coming" - because right now they are behind. And this is more shocking because it's email security they are behind in (for the consumer.)

I have only posted this in one thread - I am just one user stating the facts delivered by RIM.

Everybody has to make a choice on whether this bothers them or not. If it doesn't bother you that's fine...

I live in Los Angeles and all the windows are barred - pretty much the norm in this area... but really, it doesn't prevent the clever thief from simply picking the lock on the door. Do I think about that, yes - but does it make me take the bars off the windows - no. I'll use all I can get... it's the same here. And I am certainly not going to go over to someone elses house and tell them what to use for security on their windows/doors.

It's a choice - and I would like the added security features of SSL

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