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Originally Posted by The Sand View Post
I read your signature...

"Just think about how far BlackBerries have come from then till now... And what else is coming"

And that is so true... In the email BIS area I am hoping to get BB to the "what else is coming" - because right now they are behind. And this is more shocking because it's email security they are behind in (for the consumer.)

I have only posted this in one thread - I am just one user stating the facts delivered by RIM.

Everybody has to make a choice on whether this bothers them or not. If it doesn't bother you that's fine...

I live in Los Angeles and all the windows are barred - pretty much the norm in this area... but really, it doesn't prevent the clever thief from simply picking the lock on the door. Do I think about that, yes - but does it make me take the bars off the windows - no. I'll use all I can get... it's the same here. And I am certainly not going to go over to someone elses house and tell them what to use for security on their windows/doors.

It's a choice - and I would like the added security features of SSL

I'm really not trying to sound like I do not care or this does not bother me.. I did state I was slightly disappointed with the revelation.

I'm just stating 2 things.

1. Even if SSL is implemented their many points of failure.

a. Email is sent in clear text.
b. Email is stored in clear text.
c. The recipient, even if you encrypt headers/MIMEs/etc if the recipient is infected with a virus they got your email. (and the same is true for the sender)
d. If you are backing up the email or use Outlook with PST files, those PST are typically not encrypted.
e. It's going on the internet.. Their is nothing

So real security will not be gained.

2. Until I can see that physical proof is captured that my information has been sniffed off the network and I can see it in clear text. I will not be losing any sleep. No sense getting upset about something that does not pose a threat.
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Just think about how far BlackBerries have come from then till now... And what else is coming.

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