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As for how people access web based mail from their computer... that is an entirely different argument. This thread was about the BB BIS. But just to touch on it… Google has enabled https: by default… they saw the need. Hotmail and Yahoo now have SSL sign in. People have been at Hotmail and Yahoo for awhile now to get full https and I think they will.

Smartphones have already addressed this security concern and taken care of your basic Yahoo/Gmail/Hotmail, i.e., pop and imap and the like through the phones. They all have SSL… this will become even more important because we are all losing “unlimited data.” How you manage your data will be different. There are now categories and caps - which means more and more people will be accessing WiFi in other areas besides their home… where it won’t be safe.

If the argument is “You don’t care” or “the user doesn’t care” or “the bank has no details” or email is dated – or more “recipe” references (look to the left… I am chick from L.A. – I don’t eat) or you simply don’t like how I have presented myself..??... while I have no problem with people expressing that – it really isn’t really a “defense” against the facts.

It’s a little interesting that the people the most adamant are BES users with the security that affords them…they aren’t suffering this problem – they can afford exchange.

Maybe the BIS user can’t, and they should be afforded the same security standard that is the norm in the industry at this time.

I have stated the facts and the people I was trying to get to (no, not moderators running BES) can do the research... Look up SSL and what it means and how to make your email secure through email clients.

And by the way, “No” I am not wearing a tin hat

Good luck!!
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