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BES & Security:
BES is only secure regarding the communication from the Handheld to the (own) BES server and to other Handhelds connected to the same BES.

If you send an email from BB in company A, to a Guy which also has a BB but, connected to a BES server owned by company B, your email is most likely not secure, because most of the times the smtp transfer between the two servers will be done unencrypted when the mail travels through the internet.
Company A and B could decide to transmit smtp traffic only over SSL, but, then, some mail to company C will never arrive, because not all mailservers support SSL encrypted smtp, so a fallback to unencrypted smtp must be possible.

As you see, the difference between BES an BIS ist not that much, BES guarantees security only bewtween the handhelds and the single company the handhelds are married to.

If you want secure email you must use either PGP or S/Mime.

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