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Default Corps & gov'ts worldwide need to rally with RIM

Why is RIM fighting alone to keep widespread BBS access & BES safe against scrutiny by a country who doesnt need full access? Large multinational Corportions & governments i.e., most BB users, whose emails flow through the BES that India seems to desperately need acces to surely arent the ones India needs to protect itself from by monitoring email. If I want to sell coke in india I am not going to do anything to destabalize the economy or the government -t wouldn't be good for business. India should not be asking for access to 99% of BES for Corp & gov't based RIM emails There should be a way to exclude certain companies/users from scrutiny. Multinational corporations doing business in India not to mention the average Indian natinal business is not where its "national security threat" comes from any more than non-indian companies are threatened by the commerce (call centre suport) that India provides. there are ways to ensure that Indias national security is maintained without asking for everyone's email be read. Surely India should consider the effects of stonewalling on this issue as it will leave itself open to unreasonable demands on other issues it faces where it needs foreign company/government coopertation. What if Apple ever figures out how to protect its emails? or Nokia, motorolla etc? are all these companies then going to have to provide access to emails of its corporate customers? Companies that want to do busines in india should pay close attention to what is happening here. India is not an island, we westerners keep lots of indians employed ona fair & equitable basis based on supply & demand in a very competitive marketplace. Most of indias claim of national security is bupkus. RIM should only provide access to the select few very shady operators India needs to track in order to protect its true national interests.
Where is the Canadian government here?
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