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Originally Posted by mdaughety View Post
I have had Blackberrys and upgraded devices since the 7250, if Rim doesn't provie OS6 for the Storm that I bought a year or so ago then I won't continue my relationship with RIM/Blackberry anymore after this one. As much as it pains me to say it, I feel RIM abandoned Storm and Storm2 users so far with OS6 and I will not continue with an organization that has no more loyalty than that. I have been very loyal to RIM in my business but my move to Android or something similar is just around the corner unless RIM provides an upgrade to OS6 or something quite similar to Storm and 2 owners.
You can bid me adeu and mock me as you have others on here, but I am a serious business person and a very very loyal BB owner, but the time has come for BB to show some consideration and loyalty to it's customers. If they turn their backs on Storm and Storm 2 users who's to say next year they come out with a OS7 with streaming video that only works on models after the Torch. You may say it can't happen but that is exactly what they have done to Storm users. I am not a reactionary but the reality of life is the smartphone business is changing drastically and BB isn't the only game in town anymore.

No mocking, but loyalty should have nothing to do with it.

I use blackberry because it does what I need and it's a pleasure to use. I'm not going to keep buying and using blackberrys if that is no longer true for me.

Also, I know RIM will upgrade the OS a couple times or more during the few years I have a model, and release a couple new free apps and improve the ones that are already out. If OS 6 eventually comes out for the 9700, I'll be happy, but I'm not going to be too disappointed. For one, I still know I'll see some improvements over what I got when I bought it; and for two, I expect by I'll be buying the next new device by that time OS6 is out and gone through shakedown testing in the marketplace.

I don't expect RIM to be loyal to me. What I know they are doing -- because I get market surveys from them all the time -- is working to better understand their users and what they need, and what their priorities are. That's what I expect them to do, and I hope they are good at it, because I benefit from them doing a good job.

I know I'm a different kind of user, and I believe RIM serves a different kind of user. I'm a little skeptical of RIM's attempts to win consumers, but hey, I'm a consumer, so I can't be too critical of what it's doing. I think the lesson is that "consumer" is not an monolithic block of nearly identical individuals with the same wants and needs.

I'll admit RIM has a tendency to focus on the base of the pyrimid (continuous engineering improvement on the existing technologies) and not as much ont hardware, software, and services -- and not as much on the point (the breakthroughs), but that isn't so much a negative to me as it is to others.

Anyway, the same old same old holds true: Use what works. If it isn't working, switch to something that does. Don't be loyal to the company; it isn't loyal to you. It's a corporation. It's business.
- Ira
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