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Originally Posted by aiharkness View Post
I had trouble yesterday logging into app world. I hadn't used it much since upgrading and creating a blackberry ID and thought maybe I didn't remember my password correctly, so I tried resetting my password. The web page to reset my password kept giving me an error, then switched from English to French, then locked me out for 2 hours that turned into all day. My point is it may not be you.

When you upgraded and created your blackberry ID, did that at least go successfully, and did you link your account to paypal at that point?

And can you log into my world?

If you are using the new app world and you log into my world, it will group your apps into those intalled, those you have downloaded and later removed, and those you've downloaded before but are unavailable (such as not supported on the device you are using).

I don't know if the current app world lists all apps in the store even including apps that are not supported on your model. I do know the old version listed an app I had bought on my 8820 that is not supported on the 9700 and/or OS 5.

EDIT: I think I may have assumed too much. You didn't/don't actually have the paypal account yet, is that it, and that's where the problem is, dealing with paypal?

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Okay...when I upgraded and created my BB ID, it went okay, but I was unable to log onto PayPal, despite a lot of care and caution in entering my already-established PayPal login ID and password. This is where the problem started.

I _can_ log onto My World, and this is where I see the notice of the upgrades available. I thought that perhaps I needed some kind of payment account for AppWorld, so I entered a credit card number, but no dice. I'm still getting the blockheaded message that the app is not available for download, etc. I am now working on the assumption that PayPal is not the root of the problem (although I have determined that there are problems there too...however I am assured that I do not need PayPal to use AppWorld). I have deleted and reinstalled the latest AppWorld, to no effect.

The apps I'm concerned about is the One Touch Flashlight and Personal Assistant Premium, both of which worked just fine on my 9700. I deleted the flashlight app and tried to reinstall from scratch, but that didn't work either...and now I'm without a paid-for app. I'm not going to fool around with Personal Assistant because I use it a lot, and so far it's still working fine.

I went on the RIM support forums and there were a few suggestions, but it seems to me that quite a few people are having the same or similar problems and there is no real solution offered. A lot of the advice there is based on the earlier version of AppWorld, so it really isn't helpful. IMHO AppWorld is broken in some fundamental way for a significant number of there somewhere we can put in an official bug report to RIM...and maybe get an official answer? I'm using the [almost] latest hardware, with the latest OS and the latest version of AppWorld....and this garbage is going on. Something just ain't right.

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