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Originally Posted by notsatisfied View Post
is it truly that much of a stretch for people to realize that i am concerned that i have a phone that i cannot bring to my ear without damaging it? blackberry and verizon could care less as they are covered by the water damage clause of the warranty. however, what is striking to me is that others have not had this issue. if this is true, than my phone is dysfunctional and both verizon and blackberry are avoiding replacing it on a technicality. as a consumer oriented forum i would think more people would be concerned that two major players in the cell phone industry could care less that a phone they both offer is leaking ear sweat---primarily because most of us...unless i am from the wrong planet...hear out of our ears!!!! how am i to use my phone if it leaks ear sweat???? doesnt that strike the users of this forum as strange? i could be out close to 500 bucks because blackberry built a phone that cant contain my ear sweat.
I've been on this forum, and other mobile phone forums, daily for over 5 years.
I've never heard of anyone, other than you, who has had this "problem".

Just accept the fact that you're different and move on. So you sweat more than anyone else on the planet... big deal. Carry a rag with you and wipe your ears often.
What else do you expect people to say here?
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