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Thank you for asking me questions forcing me to think. I asked for your opinions on my new comments to see if I am on the right track, but you never came back (SMILE). Then Steve086 came along to take your place, but please review his and mine comments and feel free to jump in. I am almost there, really.


1. I printed out your suggestions, but I messed up some again. First, I took your suggestions to add my Comcast (Primary) and Comcast (Secondary) via Wizard Email and verified against Options/Advanced Options/Default Services.

2. Then I configured Outline for above 3. Then I sync Outlook with Desktop manager. I only have one contack book on my BB. Outlook Address and calendar looked great. Then I backed up to DM.

3. I tried to add BIS to Outlook, but cannot do so. THen I got greedy and added Gmail, and sure enough, Gmail took too much control becoming the default Outlook. I took it off using Wizard Email.

4. Then I found out using your tip to find out that I do have two address books, Gmail as my second address book. How do I delete it without having to wipe clean?

5. Is it possible to add BIS to Outlook? I am beginning to think that it is not possible nor feasible. I am thinking about create another Comcast secondary to have BB emails forwarded there by going into Wizard Email and tell my BIS to forward to Comcast secondary in Outlook.

6. So I am still convinced that Gmail is still too dangerous. If you can help me remove second address book from my BB, I will be happy.

7. Any other suggestions? I am happy now that there is only one calendar aqnd one address book on Outline if it is setup right, and that sync works, too. So I think I should really forget about using Gmail.

8. Somehow, I toggled the required password sign on every time I open Outlook. How do I turn that off? I could not find it.
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