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Default Anybody else love the Torch?

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All I read are negative reviews and comments about the Torch. But, having had the Torch since launch day, I'm nothing but happy with this phone! I think it's the best I've ever used, and I've had (and tried) lots.

I use this phone heavily for calls, email, surfing, youtube, social media, news, picture-taking - i.e., the entire gamut.

Here are my honest pros and cons:

There is a noticeable 2 or 3 second (sometimes longer) lockup after taking my phone out of the holster and unlocking it. It's almost like Windows booting up from sleep mode. The lockup does not affect the answering of incoming calls, but it does prevent me from MAKING outgoing calls for those 2 or 3 seconds. I've installed BeJoos memory optimizer but the lag is still there. I do have a lot of programs (Cardstar, AP News, Blackstar, BeBuzz, BeJoose,, Video Flashlight, Emergency Lights, Law Pod, Bible, WeatherBug, Poynt, Youtube Player Pro, Google Mobile, Pandora, Kindle, Tether) installed and that has definitely led to increased bootup time so that's probably it. If I wiped the phone back to factory state, the lockup is negligible.

The touchscreen doesn't respond as quickly or smoothly to finger gestures as the iPhone. I find I use the trackpad much more than I use the touchscreen.

The glass keyboard is crude and nowhere near as accurate as the iPhone (which has predictive technology), leading to lots of typos. The portrait mode virtual keyboard is particularly hard to type on.

The external speaker is noticeably worse than the Bold 9000's. I think RIM reduced the number of speakers from 2 to 1. The sound is tinnier and speakerphone is harder to understand.

Rumors of doom and gloom - BB is going the way of Palm. At this point, these are just rumors but it's a little disconcerting to keep hearing the doom and gloom reports. I really hope RIM can beat the naysayers because I think they make great phones and I'd hate to see them disappear.

OK, now the pros:

Battery life lasts all day even under heavy heavy use.

Keyboard is best in the biz. No other phone comes even close.

One-handed operability is unparalleled - no other phone comes even close. I can even slide the Torch open one-handed and do everything I need one-handed.

Phone call quality is even better than the Bold 9000's. My wife tells me she can hear much more clearly on the Torch than on my Bold - night and day difference. And the Bold call quality is no slouch either!

Keyboard shortcuts (A=address book, D=notepad, L=calendar, B=browser) still there and still rocks. Android has shortcut icons but that's just not the same as keyboard shortcuts which are faster and permit one-handed operation.

Your choice to use either touchscreen or touchpad. I alternate but lately have been using the touchpad far more than the touch screen. I've found the touchpad is more conducive to one-handed operation than the touchpad. But having the option of both is great!

Tank-like construction. I've dropped this phone but it still looks and runs great. The metallic edges really do ward off bumps and bruises much better than plastic. The slider has developed a slight amount of wiggle but I don't notice it unless I look for it. Overall, I think the slider is sturdy and well-engineered. Plus, when I hold the phone, it FEELS high quality.

Great apps. I know the Blackberry store offers nowhere near the selection as the iphone app store, but I've found nearly everything I need for my purposes. I don't play games on my Blackberry so the lack of games doesn't bother me. My wife has tons of games on her iphone so if that's your interest, an iphone is probably better for you.

OVERALL: I came very close to getting a Samsung Captivate or a Droid X, but after having had the Torch, I am very satisfied with it. I'm glad to see the advent of Android (to counterbalance iphone) but I'm hoping RIM can stick around to complete the trifecta. If you want a physical keyboard with your phone and like one-handed operation, I personally think RIM is the ticket for you.
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