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Originally Posted by rontiu View Post
i think everyone has raised valid observations, likes and dislikes.

I have a hard time to fall in love with the Torch, because I don't feel that my user experience on how I use a blackberry has evolved for the better by getting the Torch and dumping my smooth operating 9700.

Things take longer for me to do what I have been enjoying to do, e.g. reading news. Why Viigo was not included as part of an improved software offering for the Torch is beyond me...and RIM owns Viigo. The web browser is new, but it is not workable...why in the world do I need to zoom everything to make things readable, at least with a column view, I jump to something readable immediately on the OS5.

Many applications have not been written specifically for the Torch, and I truly believe that it may explain alot about the productivity when using the Torch compared to the 9700, in the same way, many BB devices simply don't function well until many authorized or non-authorized device software updates after the initial lounch.

Many co-workers of mine all returned back from the holidays with new smartphones....not even one person got a new fact Androids phones..seems to be going gangbuster.

Two minor things would have probably made a lot of difference...for show and tell, much better screen and a more sophisticated processor which I iniitally didn't want to believe but after seeing some androids in action and the iphone 4...there was no need to put my torch out for a demo...

The sad news, why didn't RIM use some folks from the BB forum for opinions and feedback to produce a "killer device"...which would appeal either to the Ipod/android -latest gadget user....or a loyal blackberry enthusiast that has some healthy expectations..

I am sticking with my Torch...for now, I think the form factor, one can get to use it...if RIM makes continued sharp improvements on the device software and perhaps come up with an updated Torch 2...improved processor and screen resolution..throw in some hardcore - outstanding- software..viigo, dataviz, maybe there is lift after .and cut the number of different devices! You can only ask a developer to support so many devices...they have limited resources too..and RIM should throw all the dollars into one "rolls royce"model..stop making models which doesn't have all the whistle...but rather give users the full RIM experience so they stick with RIM.

My personal thoughts....again...

Most of your points are Dead on! RIM really has to stop with the BS, and quit putting out so many models! I say make one low end, for people that just need email, and a phone. And one high end for those of us that want something that's fairly snappy with great media. It would make all the sense in the world, but with the way RIM is going, they don't really care what we have to say in regards to what they put out!
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