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Originally Posted by rontiu View Post
Surveys, are different than having an "advisory board" where real life, die hard, totally devoted committee members, shape the future for a supplier/vendor, in this case RIM, for the better by providing insights, wishes and very relevant feedback, by meeting senior officers and the best of the best subject matter experts at RIM.

Committee members are a diversed bunch of people, from the tech blogger/guru, to the Fortune 100 CIO, consumer marketing experts, etc. Maybe RIM has one already, most Fortune companies do....I simply don't understand how RIM was able to position the TORCH as the flagship in its current state, with the current state of applications truly supporting the OS6.

Bottomline, I think RIM created the device in their own vaccuum, based on the restrictions they set out for whatever reasons, cost, supply constraint (if they want a new processor/OLED screen, I am sure competition is hot against the HTC, Apple and Samsung, Sony of the world...)....

RIM was not a total sleeper, as a matter of fact, the launch of the latest Desktop Manager was gave the new Torch a nice push to add a little bit of more sophistication, to round up the "upgrade", but I feel it was half hearted.

I feel personally they should have pushed out a 9800 in a 9700 form factor, loaded OS6 with 512 or 1gb memory, improved GPS, WLAN and processor..just a little.....and push out a Torch 10k at a later stage with all the whistle...1gb memory, best screen ever, best device software from the get go, loaded up on Viigo and docs to go.....and any other true Torch written apps! true leather or ostrich leather backing...taking advantage of the OS6...and launch it as a limited edition first....

Sell the limited editition as the most premium blackberry ever (which would be deserved) and launch a second torch with a scaled down memory, fake leather, etc.. as the more widely availalble Torch.

This way, the 9700 form factor which looks like everybody does like (or 9650)...RIM can test drive the OS6 on a proven form factor and fine tune the OS6 for the Torch...

What we have now is a form factor and a new OS6, both unproven, first round roll out..we know that there learnings to be learned from...

I want RIM to succeed... ...I really just seems that RIM needs to be align with folks who can provide clarity on the path RIM must go on.....
I don't know that RIM is not doing those things, or at least the equivalent of those things. For all I know, the surveys I receive from RIM marketing are just one facet of the research RIM is conducting.

What gets me is the general gripe heard here that RIM doesn't listen, etc, when what it seems to me is the forum member is mad that RIM isn't giving them what they are asking for, that RIM isn't listening to [b]them[/].

I don't believe RIM is working in the proverbial vacuum, but, yes, they have their priorities, their constraints, and their ideas about their product. That doesn't satisfy everybody, and a few come here and rant.

But that's all fine if you are somewhere where hardware manufacturers and service providers are competing for your business. If RIM doesn't do it for you, use something else.
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