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The majority of RIM's customers are governments, municipalities and states. Yeah, they have the models we (consumers) use, but their biggest users are still in government and all these great "consumer-centric" features that people want, are not really what RIM's core customers are specifically asking for. Keep that in mind. The DoD could careless about media or cameras or sliding keyboards and they are not making purchasing decisions based on those features. So remember RIM has to balance its devices between government adoption rates AND consumer adoption (feature requests). No other device has the marketshare with governments around the world like RIM. So, from my perspective, yes, if RIM is really trying to compete in the consumer space with the iPhones and Android devices, they will have to step things up abit (for those models). But I understand that, though they want to compete in that space, their bread and butter is NOT in that space and their attention to that space will be understandably less than Apple and Google. Where do you hear the government of any country adopting Android phones or iPhones for their workforces? You don't. (Yet!) RIM has a good lock on that (steady income). I'm not agreeing or disagreeing with anything previously said, but its important to remember what RIM made its money off in the past and where they will continue to place the majority of their focus; and in my opinion - rightfully so. Hoping that RIM will come out with an iPhone killer is a fantasy. IMHO
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