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Look, I'm not reading too much into anything. People make comments to the effect that RIM isn't listening. I disagree and mention the market surveys as an example, but not to imply that is all RIM does or all that they need to do. Yet I'm called on it. That's bunk.

Do I doubt that RIM is doing what any other world class outfit is doing to identify what the marketplace needs and wants and measure its successes and failures? No. I have no doubt.

Do I know RIM is losing customers left and right? I don't really care, but I'm not surprised that some customers try something new when something new comes out, just as I am not surprised when people who have used something else switch to the blackberry, and some people who have switched to something else eventually return to the blackberry. I don't think the blackberry has been that popular with so-called consumers except for what seemed like a huge spike when the 8100 came out. But I don't dwell on it.

Do I think there can be one device for everyone such that they don't need to carry two or more? Well, for me, yeah. I'm on my 4th blackberry and never had the need or desire to carry something else as well. But I'm curious why it is always the blackberry that is at fault in this regard? Why isn't it the iphone or the "droid" that must change to be able to be that one device that does everything?

What is the meaning of the word compete as people who use it here mean it? You would really like RIM to put out something to compete? What does that mean?

I think RIM is competing. When I and others say to use something else if you don't like blackberry, all we are saying is RIM is competing on matters that don't line up with your needs a desires. If blackberry doesn't meet my needs, that is what I'll do, switch to something else. And I won't whine about it.

I really truly believe RIM is trying to sell a different product and convince more and more users why it is the better product. But it isn't going to be the better product for everyone. You can argue where they are falling down, but I don't think you can say they are not constantly assessing user needs and determining where they are succeeding and where they are coming up short. They are in business to make lots and lots of money. Do they make mistakes? Yeah, they all do. But that doesn't mean they are operating in a vacuum.
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