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I'm a big Torch fan, after using it about a month every waking hour of every day. RIM has done a very nice job, particularly when they had a radically new form factor (for RIM) at the same time as a major OS revamp. Fraught with peril, but RIM seems to have navigated safely through those dangerous waters. If the Torch didn't blow everyone's doors off right out of the gate, a lot of the quibbles immediately following its launch seem, a month out, just that, quibbles. I don't hear from many people complaining about the screen resolution. It has made absolutely no difference to me. Even with the disappointing processor speed (a more serious criticism), it hasn't proved to be a major inconvenience. When and if you get around to upgrading the OS, you may find, as I have, that the Torch zips along even faster than at first.

Almost every program I'm running runs better on the Torch than on my previous BB's (Bold II, Bold, Curve, etc). Faster and more fully functioning than before. And the transition of applications from old to new device was easier than ever before, which was very surprising, given that I was moving for the first time to a touch screen and a new OS. One frustration has been the "unavailability" of certain programs for the Torch or for 6.0. Of all the apps I had been using, so far I've only come across one that flat won't work on the Torch. Otherwise, even when the app developer says the Bold version won't work on the Torch, I've found that it does. Which makes the lag in releasing updated apps more aggravating. Also, the way apps available on Blackberry App World won't let you download and install at your own risk, and how those apps also tend to be hard to get as files that can be accessed and loaded through your PC. Blackberry and Blackberry App World have done a poor job of informing and promoting 6.0-ready apps generally.

The greatest success on the Torch is the synergistic way the touch screen, track pad and keyboard work together. Its the Torch Sweet Spot. I do expect that RIM may well improve on the Torch. All things equal, I would like more processor, and just a little more screen, even if it makes the thing a little larger in your hand. On the other hand, I had my Torch with me at a dinner the other night, and a few Bold and Tour users wanted to see it and play with it awhile. The first thing they did was to compare its size to their existing models which was apparently important to them in ways I couldn't figure.
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