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Default My blackberry opinion tough but realistic

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First of all let me explain the context*: I did receive one month ago one blackberry curve 8900 for work. I do work for in Europe as an Export manager. I do have a professional plan with 10 Mo data included.

I will first start by enumerating the few good points I found in the Blackberry device & OS. But on the overall I'm fairly disappointed by the blackberry devices, services & OS & really don't understand the success it has , so maybe I will get some answers here.

Let's start on the Hardware good points*:
- The best to me is the mouse which I recognize is very comfortable.
- After that the Keyboard is also handy to type but requires one or two days to get used to it.
- The Third positive aspect would be the device size & robustness (not tested hopefully).

Software wise:
- The fourth & last positive features would be the mail compression & the search function.

On the other hands I'm disappointed by:
Hardware wise :
The screen size is a way too small.
The build in GPS only works in assisted mode plus apparently it's greedy in term of data consumption once launched.
The battery life is ok but I would expect much better results considering the size of the screen.
The speackers have a real bad quality (honestly the worse I have experimented).

software wise now:

- What I found really outragious is the lack of functionality & flexibility.
I.e*: Can you do multiple selection of pictures documents & move them from folder to folder*? Or do you really have to do it one by one*?

- I found the synchronization not so good but that's maybe not a blackberry drawback. I.e When I delete an email on the device it doesn't do it on my laptop.

- The email layout output is catastrophic I have the feeling that I m using a typewriter in the 80 'S.
Come on developers are you really sure this phone was launched in 2000.

- Browsing Internet is just impossible I don't even know why to include a navigator in this phone.

- Welcome to Passwords world : To be secure it's secured switching on , unlock, and app world passwords are the most annoying thing. Is this device a lock or a phone*? I think you forget a password to access emails & the camera cause that would have been a third barrier to pass over.

- The impossibilty of configuring the data reception to wifi only when I m grounded in the offfice for some weeks I don't need the emails to come in every seconds, when I go to the toilets maybe you guys do.

Sum up*:

Concept wise i don't understand the success of BB. I want to congratulate the marketing people of BB company because they did an excellent job.

They are successful to sell an expensive device with not so much interesting features.

While their competitor also overpriced Apple, HTC , Nokia have at least understood what people needs nowadays.

Symbian is too me the most professional Phone OS as they don't have many apps but all functionnalities are present & working well. My last phone was a N95 and I would 100 times recommend this model rather than a BB 8900 even if N95 is also out fashioned.

I hope you will understand my opinion & sorry to destroy BB reputation.

By a nokia N8

Best regards,
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