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I am a former Storm 9530 owner. I had the phone from through I recently upgraded to the Droid X. A co-worker of mine has the Incredible and I recently took the phone home overnight and tricked it out for him with OS 2.2 (Froyo) and a couple off other must have apps (Astro File Mgr, Advanced Task Killer, etc). I played with this phone before and after the update extensively and decided it would be a better option for my wife who has very small hands. She still wanted the X.

The bottom line is that you evidently had a defective unit. We have had good interaction here so I assume you have such loyalty to RIM products that your objectivity went out the window when you test drove your Incredible.

You noted: "I also did not think that the internet was that much faster than what I have with my Storm 1 (believe it or not)."

I have used both the stock and Dolphin kit browsers on the Incredible. There is absolutely NO competition between those and any browser available for the Storm 9530. Don't take my word for it either. Youtube is rife with videos that show how the Droid outperforms the Storm 2 when it comes to browser speed.

I will say I prefer the Droid X over the incredible. Not only is the screen size better, I have big monkey hands and the X is tailor made for me. You probably should have gone with the X because there is absolutely NO WAY you would come back to a Storm 9530 from the Droid X. I'd call BS on anyone making that claim.

I loved my Storm 9530. I actually still have it and didn't trade it away or sell it. But when it comes to comparing a Storm to a Droid platform, there is simply no earthly competition in comparison as a "smartphone".

I have only one complaint. The Droid volume is much lower than my Storm. I did take issue with the battery life. However, I resolved that issue with a widget that allows me to shut off services not in use (Wifi, Bluetooth, GPS, Airplane Mode), A task killer app, and an OS upgrade (Froyo).

-My Gmail / Google experience is better.
-My internet is lightning fast and I actually use it more as a result.
-The screen is bigger and better.
-There are thousands of FREE applications and that list grows daily.
-My messenger client is worldwide and I can connect with other brands of phones, including Blackberries
-Most of my phone apps (sms, navigation, etc) are voice activated
-Every aspect of my phone is customizable and even the basic platform aspects can be upgraded (different language keyboards, customized keyboard, overall phone themes, active themes, profiles, etc)

I am an objective person. Evidently there is a vibrant Blackberry subculture, and even I admit there is a modicum of prestige associated palming a Blackberry. I see folks on TV pecking away at a Blackberry and I definitely miss being part of the family. For BASIC business connectivity, you can't go wrong with a Blackberry. My Storm served me well and if RIM came out with a killer smartphone with better features and support than my Droid I would come running back. I don't see it happening anytime soon simply because many are well served by the fundamental BB platform.

Ernhrts3n8, Ill end by saying that you were drawn away from your Storm 9530 for a reason. I make you this GUARANTEE. If you test drive a Droid X, you will not return it. It will do EVERYTHING your Storm 9530 does, but better. It will do MUCH more as well.

Let me know if you do make the jump. I will hook you up with ALL the goodies.

Verizon 9530
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