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Originally Posted by kathrynhr View Post
Umm, let's see...

ROM: Fresh Evo
Theme: Riptide9's Glass

Preferred network type: CDMA auto (PRL). (Network app)
Alternating between 3G and WiFi automatically, depending on time of day. (Timeriffic app)
GPS off unless I'm using Google Maps.
Syncing Facebook for HTC Sense contacts only and GMail once per day, weather every hour; manually syncing with a "Sync All" icon if I want an instant update. (I use the regular Facebook app; I sync contacts through HTC's FB app only so that my friends' photos and info show up in the People app.)
Backlight alternates between 75% and 25% depending on time of day. (Timeriffic again)
Airplane mode between 12:30 am and 4:30 am, M-F. (Timeriffic again)
Not using FriendStream, Peep, or any other constantly updating app.
No live wallpaper.
GTalk auto-login disabled.
All Sprint bloatware removed from the phone, courtesy of the Fresh ROM.

I've stopped using JuiceDefender and the OC widget.

The above settings on the above ROM get me through a 12 hour day with average phone, email and texting use, by which I mean contacting somebody in some fashion every hour or so. This, plus an average of 5 hours per workday of listening to my favorite podcasts via Google Listen (screen off), and about an hour on average of recreational use during my car-pool ride (some combination of web browsing, YouTube, Pandora, Beejive chat and/or the NewsRob RSS reader).

After those 12 hours of use, assuming I left home in the morning with a full charge, I arrive back at home with about 35% left.

I will say this: I have 5 full bars of signal strength at work, and at home I'm between two weak cell towers and my signal constantly bounces between them. I get less than half the battery performance at home that I get at work unless I'm attached to our home WiFi network. So your mileage will definitely vary depending upon location.
That sounds fairly close to what I got from my iPhone 3GS with leaving WiFi off most of the time.

I'm hoping that the HTC Legend I have on the way fares better since I have absolutely no possibility of using 3G in Afghanistan, just GPRS (and occasionally EDGE when I'm in Sharana or Bagram) and WiFi.
I h8 txtspk.
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