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Default Maximizing Memory

Originally Posted by aenflex View Post
Thanks you all! I am planning on installing the OS to my pc tonight. After reading thru a lot of stuff here, I am going to pass on installing a hybrid OS or alternate broswer (for now). I want to be more comfortable with my BB before I start messing with it too much. I happen to be happy with the browser that came on the device (so far).
Motorcycle Mama (love ur screen name BTW) -
?Do you think if I leave the orig default theme on there and remove the 5-6 other RIM themes that I will be safe?
Also last question for today. I have searched a bit for this answer but perhaps I am using the wrong terminology. Anyhoo, I know my 8330 has 96 mb of interal memory ir right around there. I have three 3rd party apps only, weatherlite, flashlight and a theme I downloaded. That is literally it. So why is there only 11.9 mb of application space left? Where are the other 85 mb? File free say 12561248 bytes. Just wondering if it's ringtones and preinstalled themes or what is taking up all my device memory?
Thanks !!
There are several articles written on maximizing memory. Read How to Maximize Your BB 8330 Memory. In short, you can install ringtones to your SD card and delete them from your bb memory. Another big memory saver is deleting foreign language support. Hope this helps.
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