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Default Is the OS carrier specific?

Ok guys! I'm in the middle of a huge pissing contest on another board. A few weeks ago I took my Sprint BB9650 to a Sprint repair facility as I was having track pad issues. Itís under warranty. I had downloaded the following OS a few weeks prior from the OS I donít think the OS had any issues to do with the track pad not work right. Iíve noticed a few issues, but nothing I would lose any sleep over. Like everyone else I had to have the latest and greatest and had to have it now OS on my device! So I take the BB in and the tech jumps my case for having an unsupported OS on the devise. Sprint is still on the previous version OS of So in a nut shell the tech told me I could either downgrade the OS to the Sprint supported version or he would charge me accordingly for non-warranty work. So I heeded the warning and I let them downgrade the OS. I get the BB back and everything is working normally, so I think as it has not incurred any issues since then that I can find and they replaced the track pad.
So hereís the million dollar question, why does Sprint not support the OS Iím told on the other board itís not carrier specific. OK then why does it not find the upgrade when I plug it into my desktop software and I have to force it down another way? Sprint still says the current OS is Iíve tried to upgrade back to the via both Sprint and Blackberry web sites and both say I have the current OS on the phone. Not carrier specific? What gives?
Obviously it must be somewhat carrier specific otherwise when I hit the upgrade device tab I should be getting it, correct? There must be some kind of code that says for Alltel only devices. Is there code in the .810 OS thatís specifically for Alltel and for the other carriers it just sits idle and unused within the device? Since Iím not a program genius I canít say.
To compound the issue a leaked version of OS 6 is floating around and of course the OS 5 is no longer a wanted item as something bigger and better is now available. Is Sprint pouring itís eggs into another basket vs. messing around with another version and fixing issues? So with a leak you get just that a leak and whole batch of issues that go with that. My take on a leak is just that a leak that got out somehow whether via a reputable source or someone with a great deal of time on their hands to re-write the code and shove it down the BB and hope it works and blog about its issues. So why buy a new device when you can have your old device with a copy of unsupported OS 6 on it?
So Iíve been called everything from A-Z on this. Some insist that the leak is a Beta OS and BB is monitoring the results via boards? In my mind it would better if BB Program Mangers and Engineers monitor the OS in a controlled environment vs. letting a bunch of geeks apply patches upon patches hoping to get this off the ground and call it an OS 6 want a be? My rebuttal on this was like trying to install a Windows 7 Professional 64 Bit disk onto a an old 286 PC and hoping and praying it will work. Iím sure there are some idiots out there that would think this was doable. But I think Iím smart enough to figure that it wonít work regardless of how much time and energy one spends itís not going to work.
So call me stupid, uniformed, ect!!! Whatever!! For now I have to be content with the OS thatís supported by the carrier and leave it at that until they officially release something if I want warranty work done on my BB.

Anyone care to commit?
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