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Originally Posted by JSanders View Post
Show me links to "many".

I think it is right that any member of this forum (being a moderator or not) have the opportunity to question a deal posted in the BST section. I do it weekly to question new users with less than 10 posts, to ask them to post eBay or PayPal feedback links.

Looking back at your BST thread in question, no less than FOUR moderators questioned your offer, three of them before NJ made a comment. Perhaps those previous three comments should have alerted to something. have the right to question users with less than 10-posts because it's the rules of the forum. And, it helps weed out those who have no history here and have not proven themselves trustworthy. I am only commenting on the right of other non-mod members to jump onboard and question the integrity of a deal or proposal, that's all.

I didn't notice the "no less than FOUR moderators" were in fact mods, until I got the treatment from the "Supermod" that I got. His comments calling me a liar were what set me off...and he had no right to do that. Of course, he'll certainly justify that, or bow out as he has because he was wrong and is getting called out for all to see.

All this being said, I won't bother you guys with any more BST posts only because I don't agree with the posture. I still appreciate this forum for the information that is freely given, and I'll hang around for that.
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