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Originally Posted by sparks View Post
I can confirm the bug in

To demonstrate the problem, go to 'Set Ring Tones/Alerts' and edit any ring tone. Quickly scroll through the list and listen to a number of ring tones. At some point in this process, the tones will go silent. The result will be no ring tones or alerts until a reboot.

I believe that there are certain conditions during normal operation that will trigger this bug.

Rather than risk all alerts going dead at unpredictable times, I have downgraded to .681, which seems to be free of this bug.

Yes, that does it. Although I haven't had the problem since I uninstalled Facebook, doing these steps causes it. Doesn't drive the memory down either, so must not be memory related. What a drag. I never tried .681 because of voice jitter issues with earlier 5.0, but I guess it is time to go there. Hopefully voice jitter issues (never happened with .822) won't come back.

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