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Option 6 will list all the command-line switches for JavaLoader. Same results as doing JavaLoader /?.
Usage: JavaLoader [-u] [-p<port>|<pin>] [-b<baud>] [-d0|-d1] [-w<password>] [-q] <command>

-u		   Connect to USB handheld (default is serial)
-p<port>	 Specifies the serial port (serial handhelds only)
-p<pin>	  Specifies the handheld PIN (USB handhelds only)
-b<baud>	 Specifies the baud rate (serial handhelds only)
-d0		  Disables VM debug mode
-d1		  Enables VM debug mode
-w<password> Connects using the specified password
-q		   Quiet mode

<command> is of

  dir [-d] [-s]
	Lists modules on the handheld
	  -d	 Display dependency information
	  -s	 Display siblings

	Provides information on the handheld

  load <.cod file> ...
	Loads modules onto the handheld

  save <module> ...
	Retrieves modules from the handheld

  info [-d] <.cod file> ...
	Provides information on the specified modules
	  -d	 Display dependency information

  wipe [-a|-f]
	Wipes the handheld
	  -a	 Wipe applications only
	  -f	 Wipe filesystem only

  erase [-f] <module> ...
	Erases modules on the handheld
	  -f	 Force erase of in-use modules

	Enables VM debug mode

	Retrives the handheld event log

	Sets the time on the handheld to the current time

  radio on|off
	Turns the handheld's radio on or off

	Enumerates all USB handhelds

  siblinginfo <.cod file> ...
	Provides sibling information on the specified modules

  screenshot <.bmp file>
	Retrives the current screen contents and saves it as a BMP file

Remember, please try searching first!

Need a screenshot? ... Like JavaLoader?
Try using BBscreen .....Use JL_Cmder!
or BBScreenShooter!


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