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I decided to try the T-Mobile G2 Android phone, since it had a pretty decent keyboard. Before I bought it, I asked the salesperson about battery life. She said, "Well, of course you can't expect it to equal your BlackBerry" (8900). I said, "I know that, but will it get me through a day on a single charge, assuming I'm not streaming media or using the Navigator much?" She said, "It might."

It didn't. During the time I had it, it never made it past 5:00 pm, even on days when I had no phone calls, and did little else but read emails and maybe look at a couple of web sites on the browser. I got one of those task killer apps, but it didn't make any difference.

For some people, this isn't a big deal. They can charge during the day without difficulty. For me it's a deal-breaker.

I also found the screen much harder to see when outside. Didn't expect that. They keyboard was fine. I missed auto-text, but I know there's an app for that. It doesn't do smart caps, but I could live with that.

Another deal-breaker was that it simply wouldn't accept my work email account. I had IT people from work and Tech Support at T-Mobile working on it, and it just wouldn't go. Tried same settings that I'm using on the 8900, but the G2 just couldn't validate the account and kept giving me error messages.

As much as I wanted that bigger screen, and better app selection, I'm simply not willing to trade anything for them. So I'm back to my 8900 and if the rumor of the 9780 coming to T-Mobile is true, I'll get that.

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