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Default BB9700 - Problem connecting to home Wi-Fi Network

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Good morning,

I hope you can help me. I've just upgraded to a Blackberry 9700, my first smartphone. Everything is brilliant except I'm having difficulty connecting to my home Wi-Fi network (A Netgear Wireless-N Series Router - DGN1000).

I've followed the manual set-up procedure, and find the network, enter the Network Key, and it finds it and allocates my BB an IP address, however the "Wi-Fi" logo stay's grey even though next to the "Vodafone" text it also say's "Home" (the name I allocated to the Wi-Fi connection profile)

When I go to the "Manage Connections" option, it shows "Vodafone" in Green with a green tick next to it, but the Wifi has the network name in green but a "-" sign. When I go to the diagnostics bit I get the following results (Edited to remove personal data - numbers replaced with #):

Current Profile: (Wi-Fi Network Name)
SSID: (Wi-Fi Network Name)
AP MAC Address: ##:##:B#:FA:#F:##
Security Type: Pre-Shared Key (PSK)
Association: Successful
Authentication: Successful
Local IP Address: ###.###.#.#
Signal Level: -67 dBm
Connection Data Rate: 54 Mbps
Status: Network acquired
Authentication Failure Reason:
Network Type: 802.11b/g
Network Channel: 1
Pairwise Cipher: CCMP
Group Cipher: CCMP
Gateway Address: ###.###.#.#
DHCP: Successful
Primary DNS: ###.###.#.#
Secondary DNS:
DNS suffix:
Subnet Mask:
Server Domain Suffix:
Certificate: Not Applicable
Software Token: Not Applicable
Hotspot Code:
Hotspot Message: Not Applicable
Hotspot Status: Not Applicable

Current Profile:
Concentrator Address:
Contact: N/A
Authentication: N/A
Secure Device IP:
Status: VPN profile is not found.
Resolving Concentrator: N/A
Concentrator IP:
Primary DNS:
Secondary DNS:
DNS Suffix:
Secure Subnet Mask:
Retry at:
Session Lifetime:
Re-login at:
Failed Login Attempts: 0
Certificate: Not Applicable
Software Token:

BlackBerry Infrastructure
Address Used: //
IP Used:
Connecting: Trying...
Authenticating router: N/A
Authenticating server: N/A
Last Contact At:

My boyfriends iPhone connects no problem. However when I run the "ping" function it times out regardless of the IP address I'm pinging.

Any ideas?

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