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Originally Posted by melder215 View Post
i buy the non-oem batteries from china. i have no problem with them. i have seem oem batteries explode. overheat. or just be bad brand new. i dont care who makes the battery, just that it works. but they want you to think the non-oem ones are bad so you pay alot for the ones from them. who wouldnt say just whatever to get sales? oh my! my battery is counterfeit, how terrible. better go buy another. i get mine for $.99 including shipping. yall pay whatever. i got spares.

More power to you if it is working for you. But it isn't advice I would endorse. Besides you don't have to pay full retail for OEM batteries, and it comes down to the risk you are taking and the expectation of reliability. I think of my blackberry like my car in this respect: When I get back to the airport at home at midnight, I want the battery to start my car. I'm not going to risk a cheap battery. It isn't worth it.
- Ira
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