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I've had some time with iPhone and Android and have just come back to Blackberry. I was given an iPhone 3G as a work phone for six months and hated it. As a games device, it was great. BUt as a phone/communicator/organiser, it was seriously lacking. Decided then that I didn't think iPhone was for me.

November last year, T-Mobile offered me an early upgrade and I chose the G2 (HTC Hero) as it was the best they had and almost everyone was saying it was the next best thing to an iPhone. Ended up having to be exchanged due to constant call dropping, missing calls and delayed texts.

The replacement was the same and T-Mobile admitted to me that there was an issue with them. So six months into my contract I got an HTC Desire as a free replacement. But still far, far too many missed calls and texts. Phone would show great signal, but nothing would come through.

Add the horrible on-screen keyboard, the dire Marketplace and the fact that after trying out some nice games and photo effects stuff, I really decided that I didn't need any of these fancy apps.

All I did was text, email, twitter, make lists and notes and some GPS stuff. And I so, so missed a keyboard. So the Desire was sold and am now the happy owner of a 9700 and so, so happy I came back. Everything just works.
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