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Default Nothing works

My blackberry bold was fully charged (through the wall adaptor, not USB) yesterday morning and was on but not in use until mid-morning, when I noticed that the red light was staying on but the screen was black. The red light would go off for a few seconds then try again. Rebooting did nothing. Removing and reinserting the battery (after several minutes) did nothing. Everything looked to be clean and dry, no visible issues.

I read in one of these threads that freezing it might work, so I took it home and stuck it in the freezer for 10 minutes (after reattaching it to the adaptor to see if it could recharge - no change). Lo and behold the freezing worked, but only for a short time. During that time I noticed that the battery had drained quite a bit (since it had been trying to reboot continuously) so I recharged again, however the charging icon was inconsistent. I've since tried the freezing routine a few more times (just freezing the battery alone didn't work) and that still makes it work for a bit, giving me more time to recharge (but not completely) or check emails, as per usual.

Is that just the strangest thing? Any ideas why freezing might work?

I'm getting a replacement under warranty but this sure shakes the faith!
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