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Question Issues W/ BB 8530 after OS update

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I've been to a couple other forums and although I have found people who are having the same issues as myself, I have not found any fixes for them so I'm hoping someone here can help me. BTW, I have a Verizon BB Curve 8530 and my apologies in advance if this gets too long.

Last Sunday I updated from OS to, which led to the following issues;
1. Gmail was no longer giving me the option to delete mail from both device & mailbox

2. When plugged into the wall charger the device no longer went into Bedside Mode

3. The speaker makes a loud popping noise just prior to an alert/ringtone going off (happens about 75% of the time)

4. Device reboots at random

5. Power Off app (came pre-installed) no longer gave me options to Power Off (performs same as holding down end call button) or Full Power Off (completely shuts down the device requiring it to reload on power up)

I contacted Verizon via email to inquire about downgrading back to OS and listed the above issues I was having with OS Verizon stated the following;

With regards to issue 1 (Gmail), Verizon said it was a setting on the phone that had been changed to Device rather than Prompt. Upon checking these settings they were correct.

With regards to issue 2 (Bedside Mode), Verizon didn't even attempt to address it.

With regards to issue 3 and 4 (Speaker popping & random rebooting), Verizon said to perform a Hard Reset, however, they included steps to wipe my device which I was not about to do.

With regards to issue 5 (Power Off app), Verizon simply said it only had the function of turning off the device, which was obvious by the name and didn't come close to addressing the issue.

As far as downgrading my OS, Verizon said it could not be done unless I had used the desktop software to install the update. All my updates were performed OTA, however, Verizon didn't know I had already downgraded back to while waiting for a response from them. So obviously they don't know what they're talking about with this. They also suggested that I use desktop software 5.0 (not 6.0). I had already un-installed the desktop software 5.0 before getting their reply and when I attempted to re-downloaded it from the CD I got Desktop Manager instead which was completely different than what I had previously, although both served the same functions.

By this time (Wednesday) I had come to the conclusion that the issues could be resolved so I reinstalled OS, which was mostly due to the fact that the reminder on my phone to update wouldn't go away.

As soon as the update was complete I immediately checked my email settings and they had been changed, so I put them back. Issue 1 resolved.

I then checked my Bedside Mode settings and they were the same, however, my device will only go into Bedside Mode when charging IF I use my USB. If I use the wall charger it does nothing. During this time I received a couple messages on BBM and discovered the speaker was popping again. Issue 2 and 3 NOT resolved.

That evening, before going to bed, I plugged my phone into the wall charger and almost immediately it rebooted itself. Issue 4 NOT resolved. I would also like to mention that the first time I had OS .973 it automatically rebooted when plugged into the USB.

I checked the Power Off app when I was on .973 and when I downgraded back to .886, neither times did the Power Off options come back. Now I'm back on OS .973 and there are still no options. Plus I cannot remove the app to free up memory, which is frustrating. Issue 5 NOT resolved.

Then a new issue showed itself yesterday. I was on a phone call when I received another call on call waiting. As soon as the second call rang through, the volume in the ear piece dropped so low I couldn't hear the person I was talking to and I couldn't turn the volume up. This finally subsided but not for at least five minutes, which by that time we were ending the call.

All that being said, does anyone have any ideas as to how to resolve my issues with the device rebooting at random, the speaker popping etc? I'm especially wanting to get the Bedside Mode working again as I really don't want to have to go without it since I receive mail from two accounts at all hours of the day and night and never remember to put it into Bedside Mode manually (because I've not had to for six or seven months until now)?

Any advice, suggestions... anything would be appreciated at this point as I'm quickly losing faith in Blackberry, have to deal with my device for the next year and a half as well as deal with Verizon who obviously doesn't know anything :(

Thanks in advance to those who reply!
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