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Originally Posted by MacaroonNg View Post
I have similar problem with my BB9700. I can use wifi in office and free wifi hotspots provided by the carrier without any problem.

I could connect to my wifi at home, however, the connection drops every time just after a successful connection. But, other equipments i.e. desktop, notebook are ok.

It seems that both my home router and BB are working fine with other equipment. But, they are just not compatible with each other. The brand of my router is Buffalo G300N.

I searched all possible websites over the world can try to solve the problem. After about 1 more month searching and test. I finally locate the problem. The problem is at the "router setting".

In Buffalo, the default setting for channel is "auto". This is the root of the problem. When there is interference around, the channel will switch for a better one, then the connection would drop since the reception of BB is not stronger than desktop and notebook. How to solve it? Try to switch the "auto channel" function to "manual". Let say, Channel 1, if it is not perfect, try channel 6 and 11. After that, my problem got fixed. Trial and error are very painful and time consuming. Hope these could help. From BB User in Hong Kong
i think i have the same problem as you, i've already tried all the channel i have, but My 9700 still can't get internet connection.

Originally Posted by Klotar View Post
I tried a number of things to stabilize my wifi connection, including a new router (which made no difference out of the box going from a LinkSys to D-Link).

I believe that changing the following solved the issue for me:

- set wireless from a/b/g/n to g-only

- set autoscan channels off, I used channel 5.

- reduced beacon frequency from 100 (default) to 50.

- set channel width from 20/40 Auto to 20.

- set SIP ALG off and SPI off (I have VoIP phones on the network).

I had tried a number of other things, including reserving and assigning static IP's, MAC Filtering, switching from WPA2 to WPA, changing encryption from TKIP/AES to TKIP only, etc., but I believe the 4 or 5 items I listed made the difference. Yes, I do realize the possible risk of turning SPI off but in my case, I believe it to be minimal.
tried this too, but it still hard to get internet connection. sometimes it connect, but often disconect.
i've already got ip address, but still hard to connect.
it has no problem in my office, and the psp i have at home is having no problem at all connecting to internet.

any other solution.


btw, i'm using TL-WR941ND for my wireless router

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