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Originally Posted by noname View Post

(A) NO NO Configurations

(1) Computer A
- BES 5.0 Primary + SQL Principal Server

(2) Computer B
- BES 5.0 Standby + SQL Mirror Server

Just for laugh: We call this "cheapskate" configurations

Serious Now: This is not a truly distributed configurations and it is not scalable at all. There will be system resources contention and your BES server's performance will be affected. Also if Computer A has a hardware failure, your SQL server will be also down and you will be stuck with a broken state Computer B. You won't be able to manually promote the BES Standby server via BAS (go try out and you will know). I'm no SQL wizard, but I wonder how easy it will be to promote SQL Mirror Server as Principal server in this situation. That will be a question for the SQL Administrators here.
i did go for this setup, i have my SQL servers mirrorred with a 3rd witness server, i can kill box 1 (either completely or just sql or just bes services) and the 2nd box takes over no problem.

i know it is better to spread it out over more than 2 servers but for 25 users this is way over the top. also given that most of our users now also have ipads and iphones with mobile email, the blackberry is becoming less of a critical item.

for 600 users I don't know if this will work and also given that you have your users spread out over 2 sites, as long as the connection between the 2 sites is less than what rim recommend (can't remember what it is) i would build 1 data site as your primary site and have all your users on that bes setup and use your 2nd site as a failover. whether you go for my "cheapskate" solution or for the more ellaborate setup. if you do go for the cheapskate solution please bare in mind you need a 3rd SQL witness server in a 3rd site, it is no good placing this in the same site as your primary or mirror sql database as you need 2 out of 3 up and running and connected for sql to work.

there are manual commands you can run on the sql server to break the mirror in an emergency and run it as a single instance again.
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