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I am the epitome of a tech/phone aficionado. I seem to always want to try new technologies, break them, hack them, play with them and use them. I've have tried every OS platform and form factor, all on the T-Mobile network. I cannot see myself leaving T-Mobile as their price points fit our family needs to a "T". (LOL)

That being said, throughout my years of playing with new phones, the current Blackberry at the time has always found itself back into the my hands. I currently used the 9700 as it is ROCK SOLID and does everything I need it to - seamlessly.

I voted, "I am considering it, moving to the Windows Phone platform."

I abhor Android, iPhone iOS is great, but no 3G T-Mobile support, however WinPho seems to be something that I am getting attracted to - especially with the Xbox Live integration (I am an avid gamer as well). I ALWAYS have my trusty 9700 with me, but depending on my days activities, also carry a PSP or iPod Touch or Nintendo DS.

I am researching the HD7 immensely and I am finding a genuine, whipped, attraction to it. The only real turn off is the lack of 4G (which is BLAZING fast on the MyTouch 4G and G2) and relatively old hardware (the HD7 has been in production for the last 1.5 years).

Im still heavily torn. Ideally, a Blackberry with 4G support with a modern screen size (something a little bigger than the 9700 form factor would do, i.e., Storm) would keep me with RIM. And even more specifically, a Torch with full T-Mobile bands would keep me grounded a bit longer.

Is Blackberry a bit behind, the trend? Yes. But its relative. Most of us dont need or want all the shiny bells and whistles, especially when a BB battery life can last for 2 days with heavy use.

Most of us stay with RIM for its Pure Productivity and SOLID security policies.

In retrospect, I am looking for something new to replace my 9700 wifey. Maybe I just need to have an affair with the HD7 to make me appreciate the 9700 even more, who knows? Maybe a divorce is in order. I guess we'll find out on the 8th when I get the HD7 in my hands.

Being a happy RIM'er (no homo) for a long time has made me happy, but the trendy wave has slightly caught my attention.

Im grandly waiting for the 9800 on T-Mobile or even on a greater scale, the Storm 3 on T-Mobile with 4G.

RIM's inability to be more 'recent' has allowed these windows of opportunities to be explored. And in most cases, this is bad for your company or product.

But RIM is still strong in many of our eyes and minds, so I'm eager to see what the HD7 will be bring me on the 8th and even more-so, what RIM will bring in 2011.

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