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Originally Posted by WayneM View Post
Can find no place to put this query and related thread was closed without resolving.

I just took delivery of a 9330. Been off with Palm Treo (loved it) and then HTC Flip due to business requirements. Decided to try BB/Rim again since those worked well for me (8700C). My main concern is that I need to keep my phone in sync with my Outlook 2007 info. 2600+ contact reference database, detailed calendar, and modest Notes and Task list.

I am running into the same killer issue with installing DM (5 then 6) and the report that DM can't see the Internet. (I als see that even when people have done a workaround, it comes back to haunt them next time they update DM!.)

FYI: have done all the following:

Done following on two machines. One XP Pro SP3, one XP Home SP3.
Complete uninstalls of DM and even ActiveSync.
Registry scrub as per KB articles to get rid on any RIM or PUMA entries.
TOTAL disablement of AntiVirus, antispam, etc.
TOTAL disablement of Firewall.
Internet is via DSL, direct wire on one mach8ine, WiFi on another.
USB connection DIRECT to REAR port connector. (Not front or thru HUB.)
Change to add Default port IP address and a specific port.
Registry hack to change "0" to "1" or whatever, but the entry mentioned does NOT exist in the Registry. Nothing close!

I noticed that the thread where this was fully documented, and left unresolved, was closed.

I'm not thrilled about dumping the two day old phone, but Best Buy is suggesting it considering RIM support. Amazing to think that Android could trump RIM just becasue of some sort of flawed, four-year-old, error that RIM cannot fix!

Other option is Win Mobile. I thought I'd had enough of that, but RIM software capabilities even look poor in comparicson to Win 6.5 . I would have never thought that would come to pass.

I've done this in an interative manner for the past two days and spent over ten hours. High hopes each time, then no success.

I'd like to see a reliable fix, but the outlook (sorry for pun) is dim. . .rhymes with RIM.

One thing that worked for me in the place you are in with software not working correctly, is to do an image backup using Acronis or Norton Ghost and then reinstall your operating system, by using the built in recovery or Windows DVD. The first thing you do after the reinstall (after connecting to the internet of course) is download and install the problematic software - in your case the Desktop Manager. If it runs (and usually it will) then you set up the system again. If it doesn't, you simply restore back the image you made with Acronis/Norton Ghost. Usually a reinstall will fix it. Of course that is quite a bit of work... but if the software means a lot to you it may be worth it.

Just passing along what has worked in the past for me...

Again, good luck!

p.s or course backup your data first - so you can restore that back if you do decide a reinstall is the way to go...

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