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Default Wish(es) for future OS Upgrades for Torch

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Not sure where exactly it would be best to forward wishes for future OS build upgrades to the Torch, but after stumbling on something sort of odd last night, I thought I would go ahead and take the liberty of starting a thread to express a few wishes here. Perhaps I'll add more later...

1) First off, I think it is absolutely awesome that with the Torch / OS 6.0 one is able to add a webpage (i.e. as a link embedded into a new icon) to the home screen -- i.e. in the broswer, Options > Add [page] to Home Screen, thereby having an icon linked up to click from the home screen directly (and bypassing the extra steps of going into the browser / bookmarks). LOVE THIS.

Having said that, it would be really great I think, if, in addition to the possibility hopefully of being able able to add a link from some place other than the browser to the browser bookmarks (i.e. Options > Add link to Bookmarks), one could also add a link directly to the home screen (Options > Add link to Home Screen) from the browser or anywhere -- rather than having to first load the link into the browser, and then adding the resulting page as a webpage linked up icon to the home screen. For example, if a link is found on a webpage or in an email, it would be ideal to be able to simply highlight the link and Options > Add Link to Home Screen, rather than having to open up the link in the browser and then add the page to the home screen.

-- I stumbled across this inability to add a link directly to the home screen when I was playing a media stream (music via Youmuze), adding the page as a resulting icon to the home page (i.e. the link of that playing page as an icon on the home page), and then finding out when later returning to activate that icon and play the stream, that the link to that icon was no longer valid (a rtsp that shifts url streams). --

2) It would also therefore be awesome to be able to edit a webpage-icon that has been added to the home screen. Right now, there is no way that I can see to edit (e.g. edit the url, add an image, etc). Would be great if there was a way on the home screen to highlight the icon, then Options > Properties > Edit.
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