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Default **htc Revolution**/with digital clock & new icons/ 9800/ Premium design by guzzl3r

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Theme name:htc Revolution
Theme author: guzzl3r
Supported Device Model(s) and OS: 9800 OS 6.0
Theme Cost: SALE PRICE $2.99
Download Link(s):

OTA Install for htc Revolution

htc Revolution is variation of the htc themes with digital clock and new icons. You still have the big clocks but with a digital clock instead of the original clock font.

There are 2 versions: WB version and BW version(compatible with BerryWeather home screen wallpaper feature).With the BerryWeather version you will be able to set your home screen wallpaper option and choose the size of your weather icon.

There are 5 home screens(tap dock tab). Each screen has a number of icons within reach with crisp clean animations on each screen. With htc Revolution you have 15 user defined icons.
-Main homescreen (tap or swipe below the clock)(icon slots 1-4)
-Icons tab(icon slots 5-13)
-Settings tab(short cut to Clock, Manage connections,Files, Address Book and Options)
-Media tab(tap play icon to open music)
-Browser tab (search app of your choice)(icon slot 15)
-Weather App(icon slot 14)
The theme will also incorporate a hidden today screen for messages(4 entries), sms(2 entries), facebook(2 entries), twitter(2 entries),social feeds and BBM(2 entries). (tap the notification area to open tap back button to hide)

htc Revolution will have the usual hotspots with hot spots to the app screen(click to right of the bottom tab) and a hot spot for QuickLaunch(sold separately)(click left of the bottom tab).

If there are any problems or concerns do not hesitate to contact me at [email address].

There are screenshots of the theme below with a list of features,suggestions and feedback are welcome.


-User defined fonts
-Custom menus and submenus
-Wallpaper friendly
-Themed call screens
-5 Home screens (tap the bottom tab button to bring up hidden bottom dock)
-15 User defined icons on home screen
-Hidden Today Screen (tap the notification area to open tap back button to hide)
-QuickLaunch(app sold separately) (click right side of bottom tab)
-BerryWeather support (BerryWeather homescreen compatible)
-Browser screen incorporates a search bar(tap to activate)(search app of your choice)(icon slot 15)
-HTC digital flip clock

*NOTE: To get your BerryWeather icon to look like it is in the screen shots you will have to place your clock pad on top of your choice of wallpaper so I will include in the desktop installation a zip file with the png of the clock pad so you will be able to make your own BerryWeather wallpaper for use with the theme also included in the zip file are a few pre made wallpapers.

*NOTE: You have the choice of going without the clock pad if you choose to do so.

*NOTE:The BerryWeather version of the theme does not have a dedicated weather icon on the home screen, meaning you will not see an icon until you enable the BerryWeather homescreen wallpaper. You have to enable your BerryWeather homescreen wallpaper option. You are able to access the BerryWeather application from the home screen by placing the app in icon slot 13.
The WB version of the theme has the dedicated icon slot on the home screen(icon slot 13).
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