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Default Re: Anybody else love the Torch?

The 9800 is excellent. By far the best BB. Like the 9780/9700 with a large touch screen thrown in if you want to use it which hardly changes the dimensions of the device.

Its a win-win situation

I had an iphone 4 and got bored and got a HTC Desire. I then had an HTC HD7. I actually like WP7 better then both Android and iOS, but the question is why am I using a torch now ?

Basically the most important thing to me are phone calls, email, messaging, facebook and occasional browsing. Now the Torch is using a webkit browser it is just a far better package for these things then the other phones.
Not just for battery life but also usability, configurability and mostly reliability.

The great thing about the Torch is that IMHO BB have got the hardware for the Torch right.
You could argue for higher resolution screen or faster CPU but ultimately they are incremental rather then fundamental.

It does seem that RIM has learnt from the storms and worked out how to keep the reliable BB experience whilst adding another layer, which I think does not get in the way of the BB experience, perhaps just for a few niggles.
Now that the hardware is right, RIM can really continue to fix and enhance through firmware updates alone.

At the end of the day, the torch is easier to use for me then the other blackberries.
The fact that you get click on the screen on virtually anything you want is so much quicker and more intuative then non-touch.
All the other blackberrys seem like stoneage to me now.

On the iphone/Android/HTC HD7, all excellent but the email is just not as reliable, particularly as BB can claw email in areas of intermittant signal by downloading pieces. Wiith Apple/WP7/Android all new emails have to come at once, otherwise the whole thing fails. So at my work reception is very dodgy but the 9800 has no difficultly in getting my email asap. With the iphone I had to go for a walk outside to get my email!!

Finally, I can't understand many of the reviews saying it is complicated. There are many more options then iOS/WP7 (Android ??) but for someone like me this is a positive advantage. Perhaps reviewers are not as clever as they used to be !!!
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